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King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth
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BBC & Starz,

PLEASE follow up The White Queen mini series with; The White Princess mini series ?????!!!!! :D :D Pretty Please <3

Sincerely, EVERYONEEE :D

**fyi show lovers but not book readers :) there’s a White Princess novel too finally! :D She at last wrote one for The White Queen’s Daughter/Mother of Henry the VIII, the latest in the series. So we need a White Princess season too lol and you should all really read the books, I’ve read them all she’s amazing…

She has at least one PhD and several Master Degrees in several relevant subjects she does her own extensive research. She put out a ‘Collection of Essays’ as well as her many novels on first The Tudor rulers and now The Cousins War series. The collection is three essays the size of one of her regular novels, about The White Queen/Elizabeth Woodville, Duchess Jacquetta of Luxembourg/TWQ Elizabeth’s Mother, and Margaret Beaufort/The King’s Mother (Henry VII) and it is excellent. She breaks down all the verified facts and research she found in the royal libraries as well as many other published and not yet published findings and research and by working with other scholars. In fact two of the essays are by two of her closest research advisers. She writes the essay on the fascinating Royal Duchess Jacquetta of Luxembourg, and was in fact the first person to research and publish her collected findings on Jacquetta! David Baldwin writes on TWQ Elizabeth Woodville and Michael Jones writes on Margaret Beaufort. Philippa Gregory is an impressive person and kind from what I can tell :) and I have to say if anyone can make an educated guess to fill in the blanks of whats not recorded but is most likely exactly what happened lol it’s her.

Sorry about the novel I just wrote here lol feel free to delete if/when you reblog it :D Have a good day

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